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Pencil shavings

Hi I'm an artist that doesn't draw a lot of fanart. This blog is now 99% reblogging things.
I reblog cats, art, inspiration, and art references. This blog is basically just my interests but anyone is allowed to come through and enjoy it too.

!!Please don't follow this blog for my art!! (go to my main art blog)
Aug 30 '14





heres a midi of hips dont lie with a banjo as the vocals

i cant believe this

this sounds like it belongs in a legend of zelda game


Aug 30 '14


Jewelry in motion, Kinetic Architecture for your hands

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Aug 30 '14

Dear gender binary people..


The fact that I am wearing a dress today does not mean I’ve become a girl. I was not a boy yesterday when I wore cargo shorts and a polo shirt, either. Fabric, believe it or not, is not inherently gendered. 

Stop telling me I’m supposed to be androgynous, when the problem is not the clothes I wear or the look of my body or the style of my hair, but your refusal to stop unnecessarily declaring some of these things ‘boy’ qualities and some of them ‘girl’ qualities.

I am agender. I am agender stark naked, I am agender in a three-piece suit, I am agender in a wedding dress, I am agender no matter what clothes I put on myself.

My gender is independent of how I dress, how I wear my hair, and how feminine or masculine you think my body is.

My gender is independent of your irrelevant ideas about gender being broadcast by things as impermanent as clothing.

My gender is independent of your refusal to accept the existence of people who are not girls, or boys, but merely humans.

Aug 30 '14


MAGICAL MONSTER GIRLS some dumb idea i got and whipped all these girls up, had hella lot of fun

Aug 30 '14


This Genius Cheat Sheet For Gardeners Tells Where And When To Plant Your Vegetables

If you’ve never planted a seed in the ground before, chances are that the thought of growing your own vegetables — no matter how exciting — incites feelings of anxiety. 

See the full infographic here. 

Aug 29 '14




Aug 29 '14



Pokémon Games.
by Tuzi Zhang.


Aug 29 '14
Aug 29 '14


Felicia “Fo” Porter

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Aug 29 '14



Esther Quek

oh man I’d wear shorts suits